sunday is memories

My first memory after being born is going with my mom to the kindergarten. I was very little, I’ve been told I was barely 3 years old, it was very early in the morning, and my mother had to go to work. She tried to leave me at the kindergarten, with no success whatsoever. I was crying my lungs out, standing on one side of the exit door, my mom on the other side. I remember I finally calmed down for a while, and met Vali, a strange little girl, who was warming herself by a little fireplace/stove. Then everything is blurred out. I’ve been told I was crying all the time, so I had to be moved in the same group my brother was in, even though he was 4 years older. He took care of me.

What is your first memory?

wacom + artrage + photoshop
~2 hours

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