wednesday is a perspective

i tried to convince myself to draw today too, even though i was pretty tired [and still am]. so i made an entry for faestock‘s contest on

i’m not happy about how it turned out, so i may get back to it later, given the contest ends on the 1st of october. i’m not happy about the general flow of the drawing, about the colors, about the lighting [which is a total mess]. and tonight i’m not really patient and kind of agitated. so if you don’t like it, that’s ok, we’re on the same page here. i should work more on the hair, i guess. that’s one. then second, the shape of the body, hm, that’s kind of weird. i can’t get it right, can’t manage to naturally link the waist to the hips, and god forbid  you ask me about them legs – haven’t got the slightest idea how those should come out. the i got bored on the lower part of the drawing, wtf is that.

bah, forget it. not a good day for science, it seems. anyway…

this wednesday is a perspective. a darker one.


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